Ear coning is a non-invasive, effective modality using an herbal, hollow, cone candle to remove impurities like wax and debris from the ear. It is a wonderful treatment if you suffer from cold, allergies, high wax production, itching and sinus trouble. Also, it’s an ideal treatment before flying to relieve ear pressure. The ear candles used are made with 100% natural cotton, beeswax and palm kernel oil(no paraffin) and are are 1″ in diameter.

The tapered end of the candle is tenderly inserted into the opening of the ear, creating a seal, and the wide end of the candle is lit, thus creating a vacuum to lift the debris and wax.

Not recommended if you have injured or ruptured ear drums.

45 minutes~$65​

ear coning

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Hilton Head Island, SC  29928

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