Massage Therapy, formerly known as Massage Therapy, Kim Brewer and Associates, merged with Fountain Spa in 2014 to offer medical massage in a spa setting.  Upon retirement here is what Kim Brewer had to say:
“I had hoped that the right person(s) would come along to care for my clients, someone who is capable and knowledgeable. I am thrilled to inform you that I have found that person.  Vicki Economou, owner of Fountain Spa, is now the new owner of Massage Therapy. Vicki, a massage therapist herself, has several licensed, knowledgeable and well qualified massage therapists who represent her. This is also where I have my massage; so I am most happy to give my endorsement."

Massage Therapy owner, Vicki Economou, sets the bar high by providing the best massage therapists Hilton Head has to offer.  The team is full of caring, professional, and knowledgeable therapists.  Massage Therapy has served Hilton Head and its surrounding area for over two decades. We proudly stand behind our reputation of unsurpassed skill and professionalism, meeting the highest standards of our profession. Several licensed Hilton Head massage therapists are available seven days a week, by appointment, to administer a variety of modalities based on the therapeutic needs of the client.

55 New Orleans Road, Suite 202

Hilton Head Island, SC  29928

​In Fountain Center